Every living thing has it’s own unique frequency, be it a bacteria, a red blood cell, or an organ such as the heart. When a living thing is functioning properly it will oscillate and have it’s own unique frequency. However when its frequency is disturbed by internal or external stresses, (such as grief, toxins drugs or external frequencies from mobile phones, computers etc), then it no longer vibrates at its optimum frequency, and is not in harmony with itself, which can then manifest itself into disease and symptoms.

Bio-Resonance works by firstly detecting what frequencies are compromised, and then it uses the correct frequency to resonate with that living structure so that it starts oscillating again at the correct frequency, and thus is in harmony.

It’s a bit like placing two identical tuning forks near each other, when one tuning fork is hit it starts oscillating at its own characteristic frequency. This causes the other tuning fork, without being touched, to start oscillating on it’s own accord. This is resonance.

Raycomp PS1000

ps1000This amazing piece of medical equipment uses resonant frequencies of the body, bacteria, viruses, energy meridians, chakra’s etc, to safely diagnose and treat any energy imbalances caused by common negative influences on our body.

This phenomenal piece of equipment can test and harmonise all parts of the body, from the retina in your eye to the valves in your heart. All done in a safe, non-invasive way and with no drug toxicity.

Bio-resonance Worldwide

The Rayocomp PS1000 has been created and manufactured in Germany, where it is widely used. It is also big in Japan and other countries such as Israel. In the UK there are several hundred users, all who have seen tremendous results. This type of treatment is very cutting edge and will no doubt be the medicine of the future as it is very safe, precise and effective and involves no drug toxicity.

Treatments are available at:

"Holistic Health & Beauty". Lytham St Annes, Lancs.