Karin Herzog


If its Not Karin Herzog, Its not Oxygen...

Age, modern living, the environment and just existing, strips oxygen and nutrients out of everyone's skin on a daily basis!

Only Karin Herzog, as the original and best, true oxygen therapy, is proven to deliver back to the skin oxygen, water and essential vitamins. It is no wonder Herzog is in a class of its own in terms of sustainable results.

Applying Herzog's oxygen formulas to your skin twice per day ensures that for up to 8 hours following application, your skin has all the raw materials it recognises, needs and utilises for advanced results on many levels. A common sense and totally unique solution for all skin types and many skin problems

Karin Herzog do not out-source supply of its products to other mass producing cosmetic manufacturers. We OWN OUR LABORATORY, WE OWN THE PATENT AND WE OWN THE FORMULA. IN Addition despite being asked frequently by many cosmetic houses, that are well known on the High St, Karin Herzog does not manufacture their formulas for other houses to private label.

Karin Herzog formulas are the original, manufactured in house to exacting Swiss standards, in the laboratory outside Geneva, and in strict accordance to the formula first developed by Nobel Honoured Dr Paul Herzog. Each batch is under the supervision of the Swiss vitamin Centre and so when you purchase a Karin Herzog product, you can be assured that what you receive is:-


Products do not sit around in vast warehouses or roll off mass-production lines. Typically the maximum time from manufacture to the product arriving with you is 3 months, which makes it a very fresh product each time you invest in your favourite item.

Effective: Patented and confirmed

It is not what goes into a Herzog Oxygen product but how it is manufactured. The time-consuming and delicate hands-on process is key to the effectiveness of the product you receive.. Oxygen is volatile, the unique method and technique for stabilisation of this vital, but volatile gas, is a closely guarded secret known only to the Family Herzog. Many have tried to replicate the formula, but not knowing the process of stabilisation has rendered all copy creams weak and inferior copies that are not clinically proven, confirmed or tested, and indeed patented and so are not Oxygenating products in the same way as those from the Karin Herzog laboratory)

For total piece of mind and reassurance it has to be a Karin Herzog branded product.


The in-house testing procedures that are part of the secret stabilisation process, guarantee that each Karin Herzog Oxygen product will deliver additional Oxygen, water and active vitamins to all skin types.

Paraben and Preservative free

Because we manufacture our own products in our own laboratory, we can tweak and adapt our formulas to meet strict and exacting public demand. NO Karin Herzog Oxygen product has EVER needed to contain Parabens or preservatives: This is testimony to the formula and its remarkable and totally unique method of truly stabilising Oxygen within the cream If the cream contains Oxygen, then no paraben or preservative is needed as Oxygen is natures best and most effective natural anti-bacterial agent, killing more gram positive and gram negative bacterium, without strong harsh chemicals, This is fundamental to why the Karin Herzog brand gets advanced results naturally, containing no harsh additives or chemical / artificial preservatives of any description. This is a great check for you.

If the product you have looked at from another brand is sold as an oxygenating cream, check the ingredients: If it contains preservatives and parabens ( sometimes a whole cocktail of these will be added) It is Not an Oxygen product, and does not contain oxygen and so will not and can not oxygenate the skin. We are also very proud of the fact that the entire supporting line of products, those that offer TLC etc and are not oxygenating specifically, do not contain parabens or preservatives and are natural formulas suitable for all skin. The entire Karin Herzog range is preservative and paraben free.

Not tested on Animals

No Karin Herzog product or ingredient is tested on animals. When new products are developed we use Human studies to evaluate efficacy and not animals. Because we control and own manufacture we can make this guarantee.


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